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Our Services

Based on a ‘success only’ fee structure, we hand-pick suitable candidates who match your requirements; coordinate the interview process for you and negotiate job offers on your behalf.

designed to identify candidates for senior appointments.  

a bespoke service tailored to companies with multiple vacancies for new openings or to support company expansion

a specialist service aimed at pro-actively targeting the BEST TALENT for a specific vacancy.

hand-picking candidates for short term placements including seasonal; maternity and Interim.


Why choose RED careers for your Business?

Red Careers is a well-established recruitment consultancy offering bespoke solutions for businesses in the spa, beauty, aesthetics and hair industry.  Focussed on partnering with companies, we operate a personalised service where we take the time to understand the profile of candidate you want to hire, your business culture and anything else that will ultimately help us make the right selection for you.  You can then let us do what we do best which is use our resources, network and experience to shortlist a select number of people for you to meet and interview.  We work alongside you every step of the way as we have the same objective as you which is to find the ideal hire.  

Our Experience

With RED careers, you are in partnership with a company that has a team of highly professional recruiters all motivated to provide a quality service and the right result.  Recruiting in a niche industry such as SPA, BEAUTY, AESTHETICS OR HAIR requires first-hand knowledge, which is why we hand pick our people from operational and management backgrounds within the sector. 
RED careers work with businesses large and small, operational or supplier led and positions from mid-management and up.  Many of our clients choose to work with us because we know their business and are able to identify the right talent for them on an on-going basis.  Others simply don’t have the time or resources to screen hundreds of online applicants and would rather concentrate on running their business and let us do the research and hunting for them.  Some smaller clients struggle to attract quality candidates directly or lack the recruitment / industry knowledge needed to hire good people.   or have a confidential vacancy that cannot be openly advertised.  Whatever the reason, RED careers is perfectly placed to provide the right solution.

Our Values

RED careers places a high value on your trust, trust to conduct your recruitment search in the most professional manner ensuring complete integrity at all times.  Confidentiality is at the heart of the recruitment business and RED careers strongly believes in the need for discretion for both clients and candidates alike. 
Second, we value your time, time you'd rather spend on running the company rather than seeing potential applicants.  We make a point of ensuring that employers only see people who are well researched and well suited to the job – something that is frequently mentioned in their testimonials or communications after a successful placement.  Now, more than ever, time is money – the last thing you want to do is waste it seeing the wrong people, and the last thing we want to do is lose your custom by sending you people that aren't up to scratch.
Next, we value individuality.  You will have your own particular processes, company ethos, character, core values, management principles and customer service requirements.  And for us, that means tailor-made packages, arrangements designed specifically around you.

Our screening Process

At RED careers, we take time to carefully screen, interview and trade test our candidates.  We ensure they have the competencies and skills to do your job; fit your company culture and have the attitude to excel in their next role with you.  As specialists in the SPA, BEAUTY, AESTHETIC AND HAIR industry, we strongly believe that the time invested by us pays dividends in helping us recruit and recommend the BEST people for your business. 

Our Strong Track Record

RED careers has been in business since 2002 and we are proud of our success to date in helping our candidates find their dream job and our clients find the perfect hire.   Place your trust in RED and select us as your recruitment specialists today.
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